GOOD NEWS! We have silica gel in
stock, which is excellent for flash
chromatography purification.
Catalog# silica4column, 300-400 mesh
Purity: no less than 98%

Sunshine Chemlab, a custom synthesis and custom research corporation. We
specialize in custom synthesis, custom research, process chemistry development and
catalog compound production of complicated organic intermediate compounds to serve the
high technology research work of universities, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other
chemical companies.

Sunshine Chemlab owns a lot of experiences of custom synthesis and custom research in
the area of pharmaceutical compounds, agricultural chemicals, functional dyes, liquid
crystals, organic functional materials, peptide compounds and organic complicated
intermediate compounds. We absolutely can provide you the best qualities of fine chemical
products you need.

We have a lot of finely developed technologies for our catalog compound synthesis of high
quality from gram to kilogram scales. Our catalog compounds include complicated aromatic
compounds, furan, benzofuran, boronic acid, immidazole, benzimidazole, indole, oxadiazole,
oxazole, isoxazole, benzoxazole, oxiran-2-ylmethanamine, piperazine, piperidine, purine,
pyrazine, pyrazole, pyridazine, pyridine, pyrrole, pyrrolidine, pyrimidine, quinazoline,
quinoline, 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline, isoquinoline, quinolinone, quinoxaline, triazole,
tetrahydrofuran, tetrahydropyran, tetrazole, thiadiazole, thiazole, isothiazole, benzothiazole,
thiophene, benzothiophene, thiol and other complicated organic analog compounds.  

We are proud that we have a lot of proficient technologies, such as Suzuki reaction,  Heck
reaction, Stille reaction; Knoevenagel reaction; Wittig reaction; Fisher reaction;
Mitsunobu reaction, Sandmeyer reaction, halogenation  including fluorination, chlorination,
bromination and iodination, Hoffmann reaction, Friedel Crafts reaction, various oxidation
and various reduction reactions,  Wurtz-Fittig reaction, Williamson synthesis, Ullmann
reaction, Skraup reaction, Rosenmund reaction, Pschorr reaction, Gabriel synthesis,
Darzens condensation and organic metal reaction, etc.

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